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         We at Skip Fly share your passion for the sport of fly fishing. We reside in the Pacific Northwest amid beautiful rivers, lakes and a vast expanse of saltwater whose potential for fly fishing is almost untapped. We would like to help you explore this area and provide you with the right equipment for whatever environment you wish to tackle. This is our year to spend lots of time on the waters of Puget Sound and the Straights of Juan De Fuca in places like Neah Bay and Sekui searching for the various species of Salmon. Last year, Neah Bay was loaded with both Kings and Silvers and the fishermen that made the trip were amply rewarded with record numbers of Salmon. We also saw a number of fly fishermen scoring with multiple hookups on every boat. One of the most exciting things about salt water fly-fishing and Bucktailing is that it is a visual activity, you see most of the fish you are casting to and you see the strike a lot of the time, this is especially true when fishing for Silvers. They are a top feeder and love to trap the bait on the surface which is one of the reasons they come in behind the boat to investigate the bubble trail and why you want your fly close to the boat. We troll the skipfly to find the fish but when they are not coming to the trolled fly we then work the kelp beds throwing baitfish patterns on quick sinking lines in and around the kelp; We have caught more than one nice King in these sleeper spots. We also plan to spend a lot of time chasing Sea Run Cutts in the salt water, our favorite areas run from Gig Harbor to Kayak Point, where we are looking for gravel beaches and some smaller bait fish to hold the fish on their wanderings around the Puget Sound.
       We have several trips planned this summer. Mid-July we head for Loreto Mexico, about 700 miles south of the border on the Sea of Cortez, a sleepy Mexican village with some of the best fishing you could hope to find, and our annual trip to Tofino, British Columbia on the West coast of Vancourver Island in early September to hunt for Silver Salmon. In October we head to Maui, Hawaii to fish for Marlin, Sailfish and Wahoo, one of my favorites for speed and power. We plan to have ample pictures of our trips on our Photo Gallery.       Tight Lines

Up Dated April 28, 2004

Created by Egbertsson.