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So Much Water, So Little Time!

It's cold,wet and I'm tired. It's hard to get focused on anything. This flu bug is taking it's toll on me and I can't seem to get rested. I cough all night and don't really get a good nights sleep. I know I need to get a fishing trip planned. The sooner the better. I think that's all I really need. Maybe that would bring me back from the living dead. I think if I could just cast to a big beautiful Rainbow rising to a March Brown all would be right with the world again. It just seems so far away and hard to achieve as I sit here and contemplate how to begin. Usually I just grab my gear, a box or two of flies and just hit the door running. Yell a few good-byes as I run back into the house for the very important something that I fogot. Little do I know that the really important thing that I forgot, that I really will need is in my other fishing vest in the garage. If I close my eyes it seems like yesterday I was playing pinks, and cutts into the warm September nights. That was six months ago. The river was low and full of fish. The fishing was easy. Almost to easy, if there is such a thing. The pinks were taking small nymphs drifted through the pools and runs. The takes were very soft most of the time. Occasionally you'd get the hard strike, but not very often.

The reward would be a nice bright 3-5 pound pink full of fight and even a few jumps. A six weight rod would be the ticket with a 15' sink tip line and 6 pound test tippet. I can't remember a better year for the pinks than this last year.

I'm hearing stories now of sea-run cutts along Picnic Point and places South. I of course do not have time to go and see if these stories are true. I know that they are a hit a miss fish. One day they're all over the place then the next ther're gone.

Nunnally, Lenice and Merry Lakes are early openers east of the mountains. Small chironomids, bloodworms and small leaches in olives and insect greens seem to do the trick now. The Yakima is starting to pick up with some BWO's and skwala's coming off the water and an occasional March Brown or two as well. Locally, you can warm up your fly rodding skills on the Year-around lakes like Ballinger, Martha and Silver Lake. These lakes can surprise you with some trout that are eager to take the fly. As the weather warms up we should be getting into some nice chironomid hatches, which can be excellent or very frustrating. Lone Lake is always a good bet with bloodworms, chironomids and various leach patterns being the favorite for now. Pass Lake is producing fish for the patient chironomid fisherman or the dredger with a minnow pattern of just a woolly bugger. The latter seems to be working quite well around the boat launch.

I myself am looking forwad to any kind of fishing. I think I will head over to Rocky Ford and cast a few #20-24 BWO and emerging chironomids. Or maybe a pregnant scud. On the way I will of course stop off at the Yakima and see what she has to offer. So much water and so little time. Looks like it's time to go downstairs and replenish my fly boxes.

Talk to ya' later.