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Pricing for Heritage Rods

3,4,5, wt. rods up to 8'0" cork or wood reel seats

8'6"-9'0",wood reel seats
6,7,8 wt. and up to 9'0" some with fighting butt wood or Alum. reel seat

9'6" Alum. reel seat
10,11,12wt. up to 9'0" alum. reel seat with fighting butt
add for fore grip

All of the above rods are 3 piece and include rod tubes and sock

Pack Rods
8,9,10,11 wt.four piece rod with alum. reel seats

    $140.00 USD



More Details

Windbeater Rods

We designed these rods for the steelheader and found that the Bonefish and Permit fishermen loved them as they throw 7, 8, and 9 weight lines with ease into anything short of a gale. All are 3 pieces with alum. reel seats and fighting butt.


Dealer inquires are invited.