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HistoryPro Report
In the spring of 1999 we produced and sold the first Heritage Fly Rods and we have not caught up with the orders. Comments from both dealers and fishermen have been nothing short of sensational. Both fresh and saltwater fishermen have raved about their casting quality and fish fighting strength from Labrador for salmon to Florida for bass and tarpon, Colorado for trout to Oregon and Alsaska for steelhead and salmon.

"These rods out fish my $459.00 rod hands down". "The best cork I've seen in years". "20 Little Tunny on a 7 weight and still plenty of rod left".

Is it any wonder that we sold almost 2000 rods in 6 months? We designed these rods for the fisherman who wants quality at a fair price....and gave it to them. We gave up the frills and fancy advertising and produced a top quality fishing tool at a low low price! Retail price start at less than $100.00, and the range of sizes run from a 3wt 7' to a 9/10 wt 15' spey rod to a 12wt billfish rod with a foregrip.

We will custom make rods on orders of 50 or more rods in one wt/size/action. Rods are availible in med/fast and fast actions. All prices are plus shipping from Mill Creek,WA. We will try to stock 300 rods but we are unable to build an inventory as yet due to orders and production limitations.

Ask these shops what they think of Heritage Fly Rods. American angling in NH., Front Range Anglers in Colorado, Fishing supplies in NY., J Ware and Associates in WA., Bob Veverka, Ken Vanderlaske, Blenn Mikkleson, Roger mims, Tuck Millek, Paul Tetzalov, Ted Patlen are just a few of the "Hard Nosed" fishermen who have bought Heritage rods.

We don't give rod tubes or guarantees, but we do not charge high prices for a quality fly rod. No other rod in this price range gives the casting and fish fighting qualities of a Heritage Fly Rod. Cast one and you'll buy one.

Heritage Rods are available at selected dealers in the U.S.A., Europe,and Japan. Orders for the year 2002 are in process and we expect to have a limited number of rods unsold. Place your orders well in advance of the season to insure delivery.


Dealer inquires are invited.